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Zeus Sub-ohm Tank- A next-level vaping experience The Clearomiseur Zeus tank Geek vape version is the upgraded version of the reconstructable atomizer by the Geek vape. Geek vape zeus tank...

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Zeus Sub-ohm Tank- A next-level vaping experience

The Clearomiseur Zeus tank Geek vape version is the upgraded version of the reconstructable atomizer by the Geek vape. Geek vape zeus tank offers the attributes of clearomiseur through the option of top-filling mesh coils, which are easy to install. The tank capacity is 5ml, with features of the leak-proof function. Zeus sub ohm tanks utilize the latest technology of the geek vape mesh coil system to optimize flavour and vapour production. Moreover, it comes up with a quick-changing prebuilt coil, creating the perfect flavour and massive vapours. However, the integration of direct top airflow and top-to-bottom airflow is available to let you enjoy big clouds and excellent airflow. It's top oil refilling, and the coil installation with a key make the use convenient. The coil installation further reduces the contact of your fingers directly with the coil. It is compatible with several mod kits manufactured by geek vape. One of them is the hot-selling kit aegis solo zeus tank geek vape.

Features of Clearomiseur Zeus tank geek vape

Here are some of the distinct features of

Design of Geek Vape Zeus Tank

The Geek Vape Zeus sub-ohm is a superbly made tank with excellent machining and sturdy looks. The threads are smooth enough with no sharp edges; it comes up with the silica glass reinforcement gives it a stylish and elegant aesthetics. Moreover, the 304 stainless steel tank construction has a child-safe locking drip tip.

Available Colours

The Geek Vape has introduced the Zeus tank in seven attractive colours: black, rainbow, gunmetal, blue, SS, red and a combination of black and gold. We care about your choice, so we have enough choices for you to choose the right colour from our stock.  So, don’t wait and get your vape immediately!


The Zeus Mesh tank carries a high-grade KA1 to ensure dense vaping, and the modernized fill port lessens the liquid leaking while refilling the tank. However, resistance geek vape Zeus comes up as 0.4 ohms giving you 60-70 output power and 0.2 ohms offering 70 – 80 watt power for excellent chasing. However, the 0.2 ohms mesh coil is included in the Zeus Tank in the package.


From its looks to performance, the geek Vape Zeus tank has beaten all the others in this price range. Furthermore, you can find the best and market-competitive prices for your favourite Zeus sub-ohm tank. We assure you of the outstanding and cost-effective Geek Vape Zeus at your doorstep.


Here you have the complete specification for our premium Zeus tanks:

  • Dimension: 42.5 x 26Φ mm
  • Material: Steel/ glass
  • Capacity: 2ml, 5ml
  • Drip tip type: 810 Drip Tip
  • Filling Method: Top Fill
  • Coil: Mesh Z coil
  • Inhaling Type: MTL
  • Mesh Coils: 0.4ohm / 0.2ohm
  • Output Power: 60 – 80 Watt

How to fill the Zeus Sub Ohm Tank?

Although Geek Vape has made it so convenient to fill this sub-ohm tank, you can follow the following simple steps to avoid any inconvenience:

  1. First of all, unscrew the top cap
  2. Fill the tank by opening one side of the tank (not from the centre)
  3. Close the upper cap
  4. Wait a while to let the coil be soaked with the e-liquid before the first consumption.

What is delivered with the Geek Vape Zeus sub-ohm tank?

The Z sub-ohm tank is delivered as a package that contains the following:

  • 1 x Zeus sub ohm Tank
  • 1 x Mesh Z1 Coil, 0.4 ohm
  • 1 x Mesh Z2 Coil, 0.2 ohm
  • 1 x Key for the coil installation
  • 1 x replacement tank of 3.5 ml
  • 1 x Detached Pieced Kit
  • 1 x Utilisation Notice


How can I change the coil in a Geek Vape Zeus sub-ohm tank?

Changing the sub-ohm coil is quite tricky in most of the tanks, but you can easily change the one in Z tanks as below:

  • Changing the coil of your sub-ohm Zeus tank is so easy with the following steps:
  • Screw the bottom of the tank
  • Remove the coil with your coil remover tool
  • Remove the old coil, insert the new coil by lining up the bottom of the coil with the bayonet fitting and press firmly.
  • Screw the bottom of the tank, and it is good to go.

Which e-liquid is best suitable for the Geek Vape Zeus sub-ohm tank?

We suggest you use a high VG e-liquid, i.e., 70%, to produce optimal vapours by direct inhaling. Or it can be used with other VG/PG ratios too.

How long does a Zeus sub-ohm coil last?

On average, a usually constructed coil for a sub-ohm tank may last you four days to 1 week. If you vape less, your coils will last twice as long.

How often should I change my Zeus coil?

It depends upon your vaping habits. You should change it weekly or bi-weekly if you are a regular vaper and not a particularly heavy one. However, if you are an irregular vaper, your coil can also last up to 4 weeks.

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