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Geek Vape Z50- Simplicity with beautiful stylish design The Geek Vape Z50 is a versatile mod kit that provides MTL, DTL and RDL vaping style. It is small in size...

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Geek Vape Z50- Simplicity with beautiful stylish design

The Geek Vape Z50 is a versatile mod kit that provides MTL, DTL and RDL vaping style. It is small in size but crafted in a sleek metallic body. It is powered by an integrated 2000mAH battery giving you an output power of up to 50 watts. Z50 is equipped with the Zeus Nano Tank, resulting in the perfect top-to-bottom airflow. Similarly, the accompanied Zeus Nano Tank gives you a smooth flavour with an intense throat hit for a satisfying vaping experience. Ultimately, our mod kit Z50 Geek vape gives you autonomy of 3.5 ml, which can be squeezed to 2 ml with a leak proof body. With our geek vape z50 prix, you can expect to discover the clouds without muddling yourself for any add-ons. It is a mid-range mod kit, not too big to be in the pod category and not too small to be unable to fulfill your cravings. Above all, it is a handy mod that will keep you going most of the day.

Features of Geek Vape Z50

Explore the Mod kit Z50 by Geek vape with Vapoteuse France here. 

Artistically beautiful design

It combines art with power by idealizing the ancient Greek aesthetic design in a golden ratio. Mod kit Z50 geek Vape possesses a well-crafted metallic body with impressive decors. Moreover, it gives you dynamic looks and solid hold uplift vaping experience. Modern, equipped with a screen and large switches and adjustment buttons, the Geek Vape Z50 offers generous cut curves.

Available Colour range

The brand has introduced Geek Vape Z50 in attractive colours to complement its aesthetics. So, the available colours are black, silver, gunmetal and rainbow. Furthermore, we have stocked up all the original Geekvape z50 prix in each available colour. So, you can order your favourite colour in the rigorous vape mod kit right now.


Equipped with an internal battery of 2000mAH, it is limited to an output power of 50 watts and can easily meet your needs for a whole day. Additionally, the Z Nano offers faster and easy charging, and top-airflow without leaks offers two air intakes at the top of the tank. It is best suitable for you if you want the big clouds, smooth flavour and strong throat hit.


As Geek Vape Z 50 is a starter kit with the Zeus Nano Tank, It is available at the most affordable prices at our online store. We believe in significantly providing the best, so we consider our customer's money to give them real value. So, what are you waiting for? Come and take yours away!

How to replace the resistance coil?

At Vapoteuse Franc, we care for our customers and guide them in the best possible way. However, to change the resistance coil in Zeus Nano Tank, you can follow the simple procedure:

  • Take out the clearomiseur from the kit
  • Unscrew the base of the Nano tank and pull the coil out using the removal tool safely.
  • Soak the new resistance by pouring drops of e-liquid on its gills
  • Push the new resistors into the bottom of the tank by using the polarisers.
  • Screw the base of clearomiseur and reinstall it on the battery.
  • Wait a few minutes before vaping to let the new coil soak properly.

Specification of Geek Vape Z50

The complete specifications of the Z50 mod kit as well as the Zeus Nano vape Tank, are as below:

  • Dimension of Z50 Mod: 84.1 x 30.7 x 24 mm
  • Weight of Mod: 123gn
  • Battery Size: 2000mAH built-in
  • Charging type: USB C type
  • Max. Power: 50 Watts
  • Available Modes: Power control, curves, bypass
  • Dimension of Clearomiseur: 22 x 57 mm
  • Clearomiseur weight: 57 gm
  • Clearomiseur Capacity: 2ml
  • Filling Type: from the top

What comes inside the kit package?

  • · 1 x box Z50 
  • · 1 x Zeus Nano Clearomiseur (3.5 ml)
  • · 1 x additional pyrex tube (2ml)
  • · 1 x Geek vape B coil (0.3ohm)
  • · 1 x Geek vape B coil (0.6 ohms)
  • · 1 x removal tool for resistors
  • · 1 x USB type C cable 
  • · 1 x set of spare parts
  • · 1 x Utilization manual


Which modes can I have with Geek Vape Z50?

The Geek Vape Z50 works in three modes such as VW (variable wattage mode), VPC (variable power curve) mode and Bypass (unregulated vape) mode.

Which coil is best suitable for the Z50 Zeus Nano tank?

Zeus Nano Tank is compatible with the Geek Vapes B coil, which offers five different resistance values ranging from 1.2ohm to 0.3ohm and gives you a wide range of power.

Which E-liquid should I use for optimum use of Mod kit Z50 by Geek Vape?

 We suggest you get the best out of your Mod kit Z50 Accompanied by a Z Nano kit for an e-liquid of PG/VG dose between 60/40 and 30/70. 

How can I change the display colour on the Mod Kit Z50 Geek Vape?

To change the display colour of the screen, Go into mode selection by clicking the fire button three times and then holding the up/down buttons simultaneously; you can choose the colours between dark orange, light orange, yellow and blue
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