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Vapoteuse France Puffs provides an affordable elux vape disposable in France

If you're looking for the highest quality and affordable Elux vape, go no further than Elux Bar. We are the ultimate brand in the vaping industry. In addition, we offer the best value on the market without sacrificing the quality or design of our vaping devices. Moreover, Elux Legend is the top disposable vape on the market.

The Elux jetable vaping puff is the most widely used electronic cigarette because of its appealing design, great functionality, and delicious flavor options. However, the product has recently entered the market, yet its popularity has skyrocketed quickly. Despite the device's superior features and capabilities, more ground remains to cover.

Very easy-to-use and handy style elux puffs give the best vaping experience 

Vapoteuse France Puffs came up with the idea for the Elux bar. It's no secret that we are a top-tier and well-regarded vape maker. Also, the affordable Elux vape, one of our best box cigarette électronique, is made for heavy smokers. We are a hope to those who want to quit and recreational smokers who wish for a more satisfying experience from their vaping sessions.

We're a top vape supplier passionate about making your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. We are quite proud of the helpful and friendly service we provide to our customers. Furthermore, with our lightning-fast shipping and rigorous quality inspections, we want to give you a feel of perfect calm. If you're a retailer wanting to provide more to vape fans trying to stop smoking, then you've come to the right place.

Specific features

  • Better puffs capacity
  • 1500 mAh power capacity.
  • Nic e-liquid volume: 2ml, 20mg salt concentration
  • Offers a wide variety of different flavours.
  • Provides a pleasing sensation when vaping.
  • Assist you in quitting the habit of smoking
  • Radiant appearance
  • An optimal blend of vegetable and palm glycerin

Savory flavours

  1. Apple Mango Ice
  2. Apple Peach Pear
  3. Banana Pudding
  4. Berry Lemonade
  5. Blueberry Bubblegum
  6. Blueberry Raspberry
  7. Cherry Menthol
  8. Clear
  9. Cola
  10. Cotton Candy
  11. Fizzy Cherry
  12. Fresh Mint
  13. Grape
  14. Gummy Bear
  15. Mango Ice
  16. Passionfruit
  17. Peach Mango
  18. Pineapple
  19. Strawberry Energy
  20. Tropical Punch

Why choose Vapoteuse France Puffs for a convenient and affordable Elux Vape?

An affordable Elux Vapes is a portable electronic cigarette made with vapers in mind. Its capacity is more than 20 cigarettes' worth of nicotine delivery. It doesn't require maintenance, so you never have to worry about replacing coils or adding more e-liquid. All that is needed is to swap out the empty one with a fresh one when it finally gives up.

The inhale activation technology of the Elux bar makes vaping seem very natural. Your puff cigarette jetable (disposable cigarette puff) is ready whenever you inhale via the mouthpiece, producing an MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhalation with some vapor production. This function simplifies vaping since no buttons or menus are essential for this.


Q1. What are Elux vapes?

Ans. Elux vapes are more trendy and user-friendly vaping items. Also, our market-competitive disposable vape devices offer a great customer experience that lasts longer.

Q2. How many puffs does it offer?

Our Elux jetable vaping gadget is disposable after using the e-liquid. Moreover, we strive to sell original and the most affordable Elux vapes.

Q3. Is the Elux bar vape disposable?

Ans. We fulfill what we claim. Thus these throw-away gadgets are safe to buy. It's small and portable. When the battery or liquid runs out, you can throw away the device.

Q4. How do disposable vapes work?

Ans. First-time disposable vape users may feel overwhelmed. They're straightforward and easy to use. However, their pre-filled juice is their principal feature. The pen also reacts automatically to inhaled airflow.

Q5. Is it harmful to the throat?

Ans. Elux puffs from Vapoteuse France Puffs offers considerable nicotine strength without throat hits or coughing. So, more smokers are switching to disposable vapes without hurting their wallets.

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