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Live your dream and vape extreme with Big Puff e-cigarette

If you are looking for a great package of products and services for vaping at your doorstep, then you are just at the right place. As we have a big puff, we have everything you need. Big Puff Vapes is one of the leading and hot-selling French brands for disposable e-cigarettes, now available at Vapoteuse France. The unique trait of the Big Puff e-cigarette is that they are eco-friendly and recyclable. Hence, these are popular among the vapers, majorly in France, because their manufacturing is according to the French design, carries no buttons, and is lightweight. So, it is just perfect to use conveniently. Vapoteuse France endeavours to provide the quality and innovativeness that has tended to offer you this excellent e-cigarette. We have assorted most Big Puff e-cigarettes with a good choice of flavours and nicotine salt concentration.

Experience the inimitable Big Puff e-cigarette.

French brand Big Puff specialises in disposable e-cigarette, which offers tastier and high-end vapes. This easy-to-use big puff vape is suitable for smokers looking to quit smoking. So, buying one from our store will ensure you the best value for your money. Usually, with a normal vape style, you can enjoy up to 600 puffs with a single disposable vape pen. These e-cigarettes are non-rechargeable and non-refillable, one-time-use vapes. With a 550mAH battery, you can taste the exotic flavour of your choice till the last vape. Similarly, the big puff disposable vapes are equipped with inhalation types, i.e., Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL). We offer these good-to-go sub-ohms to facilitate beginners and experienced vapers with the best services.

The Big Puff vape is a draw-activated e-cigarette; you can inhale it right after unpacking it. We have hoarded up the maximum Disposable vapes Big Puffs offers to entertain your needs.

Perfect nicotine satisfaction with striking tastes

Vape France commits its customers to the versatility and distinctive disposable e-cigarettes at their doorsteps. That’s why Big Puffs is one of our best choices to offer our customers. We deal in all types of nicotine concentrations as provided by Big Puff vapes. You can choose your nic salt concentration according to your requirement. For example, Big puffs for 10 mg/ml or 20/ml of nicotine can be obtained, but Vapoteuse France offers nicotine-free vapes. Our nicotine-free big puff vapes e-cigarettes are best for former smokers who want to satisfy their cravings without toxins. Furthermore, you can also select your concentration requirement while making an online order at our website.

Moreover, you can find your nicotine satisfaction in a range of flavours. We have stocked up almost all the flavours for you. We have brought flavours of scrumptious fruits to drinks, mints and many more. After inhaling the first puff, you may be asking yourself, “Am I fruity, classic or greedy?” Indeed it is hard to decide between the three.

Payless; enjoy the most of big puff e-cigarette.

Big puff, low-cost e-cigarettes are so unique and not present everywhere in local shops or the common online vape stores. In case you find them at your nearest tobacco store, you may get them at a high flying cost. Being an authenticated supplier, you can find the best and most economical prices for the Big Puff vapes at our store. So, in addition, to enjoying a practical quality electronic cigarette, you can also save money. Our prices are highly market competitive and reasonable ones you can have. We promise you that buying your desired Big Puff low-cost vapes from us will never let you regret it.

As Vapoteuse France accepts several payment methods, such as Debit/ Credit cards, you have the ease of purchasing any form of our Big Puff pas cher e-cigarette range. We deem providing you with the best value for the money spent on vaping.

Vaping the best big puff e-cigarette in mist style

Big Puff is the best fusion of modern electronic and conventional cigarettes that encourages quitting smoking. It is similar to the industrial cigarette apparently due to its shape but also because of its non-adjustable and tight draw. It will enable you to inhale the vapour of your e-liquid to experience one of the unique vaping sessions with an enchanting taste. To use it, you have to inhale through the spout or drip tip, which is designed for inhaling. Moreover, there are no buttons on the device to switch on the e-cigarettes, but you only need to take into account the blockage of the air inlet at the other end of your big puff. Otherwise, you will not experience any steam. Due to its easy-to-use technology, it is one of our hot-selling brands in the market. For a portable, compact, handy e-cigarette, shop the best Big Puff pas cher disposable vapes from our online store.

Just vape with us; Leave the Rest!

Being concerned about your vaping experience and the quality of e-cigarettes, Vapoteuse France is here for you. We believe in supplying the cost-effective and optimum quality of Big Puff low-cost vapes in the town. You can find our range of offered Big puff e-cigarettes and their available flavours at our online store. We have been ranked among the top-notch product and services provider for disposable vapes. So, while choosing us, stop worrying about the rest of the things.

We have a clear return policy to avoid any embarrassment and a transparent refund system. This refund and return policy is another reason to be a trustworthy online vape shop in France.

  • Our shop is an authorised seller of the Big Puff vapes, so you need not worry about the originality of your favourite e-cigarette.   
  • We assure you your disposable vapes will be at your doorsteps within the shortest delivery time and with minimal shipping cost. 
  • We entrust the package to our customers with our affordable pricing and reliable delivery services.
  • Our online store facilitates customers to order online from all over the globe without worrying about data breaches.
  • Our website is completely secure and protects your personal information as well as payment methods.


How long does a Big Puff e-cigarette last?

It is hard to say how long big puff disposable vape is, but the average vaper can expect their Big Puff 600 to last them around a day. However, the lighter vapers might get a couple of more days to use out of theirs. On the other hand, if you are a heavy vaper, your e-cigarette is likely to give up on you before a full day’s use. 

Do big puff vapes possess airflow control?

 You don’t need to adjust the airflow because it is all set up perfectly to give you a tight draw. It gives a balanced and perfect throat hit and flavour with its PG/VG ratio equal to 50%.

Is DTL vaping more harmful than MTL?

 Direct-to-Lungs inhaling is more powerful and produce more vapours. It may lead to vaper cough as a result of over-vaping. So, you need a low nicotine concentration for experiencing DTL. Whereas MTL is suitable if you want higher nicotine intake, and it tends to have a more restricted airflow with the lower vapour production. MTL requires less power than DTL.

How can I store my disposable vapes?

If you have not unpacked your disposable vapes and didn’t plan to open them for a long time, you can store them in a cool and dry place. Moreover, you should keep your vapes out of reach of children and keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme environments, i.e., very cold or very hot.

Do Disposable vapes make large clouds?

Apparently, disposable vapes are not designed to create bigger clouds because they are mainly for satisfying the nicotine craving more conveniently and cost-effectively without hurdles of accessories and device maintenance. Large clouds are often made using a high VG ratio in E-liquids and a coil of higher wattage. So it is not possible to form large clouds with puff bars. 

How long will it take disposable vapes to get expired?

The normal shelf life for each disposable vape is almost one to two years, and this disposable vapes can fully function for this time duration before expiration. However, the durability of the puff bars is often based on the reactions of the ingredients and oxygen, sunlight and other environmental factors.

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