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centaurus dna 250c BOX MOD | Lost Vape | En seulement 14,99 € centaurus dna 250c BOX MOD | Lost Vape | En seulement 14,99 €
Lost Vape Centaurus M200 Lost Vape Centaurus M200
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Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit
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Lost Vape Thelema Lost Vape Thelema
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Lost Vape – The Vape Passion with Class

Lost Vape has brought you some of the finest and most luxurious electronic cigarettes to let you vape in style. You will get pleasure from the unique, high-end, and innovative Lost Vape Electronic cigarettes at our store. We have stocked up premium devices to provide you with first-class functionality and beauty with ease of use in mind. While designing its best of the best products for vapers, the intention of letting smokers quit smoking lost vape has been using the optimum vaping materials. Moreover, to accompany excellent electronic cigarettes, it has launched a range of compatible coils and cartridges. 

Sleek and classy design

The reliable chipsets, superior finishes, and disconnected solidity are some attributes of our best range of Pods, Mods, and Kits. Moreover, it has designed its e-cigarettes as a perfect fit as a handy device and ideal plug-and-play vape kit. We have stocks of the typical Lost Vape e-cigarette designs, which are sleek and classy and provide a mess and fuss-free experience. Our available diversified colour range has made the devices and kits more attractive.

Performance of Lost Vape kits

Lost Vape has also introduced the boxes like Thelema Solo Box that work with a battery and delivers up to 100 watts. Similarly, the Centaurus M200 box requires 2 batteries and offers up to 200 watts of power. But the Pods like Ursa Nano Pro and Ursa Nano are gradually taking precedence. The tremendous vape kits are lightweight with adjustable airflow and adjustable wattage also. Moreover, we offer Mouth-to-lung and Direct-to lung inhaling with our best collection of kits.

Most affordable price

While coming to affordability, looking at the privileges Lost Vape has offered, we are offering it in an economical price range. We have made the build quality of the e-cigarette kits for a fantastic price accessible for you. Once you get to Vapoteuse France, you will vape with the best without compromising quality for low costs.

Have a smoky session at Vapoteuse France!

Lost Vape is a brand that considers the vapers’ community and has manufactured vapes for beginners and experienced users. We have encouraged its passion with our best prices and finest services for vapers to enable them to quit smoking. With our clear shipping and delivery policy, you can have any device at your doorstep from a catalogue of Lost Vapes available here.


Does Lost Vape offer a warranty for its devices and products?

The Lost Vape provides a six-month warranty from the date of purchase for its DNA products. So, we recommend you purchase from authorized vendors such as Vapoteuse France.

Are mods better than pods?

The difference between the mods and pods is that Mods are more powerful. However, pods are better at stealth vaping and newcomers or beginners to vaping.

How can I identify an MTL or DTL device?

The airflow through your device can tell you whether your device is MTL or DTL. The MTL devices often have a smaller drip tip to restrict the number of vapours. DTL devices will have a wider mouthpiece to allow more vapours.

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